Hi, I am Erica Moffitt.

My mother studied photography and my father studied film. I was raised on slide shows and films set to music in our darkened living room. Through these viewings I received my first education on composition, light and subject matter.

Studying fine arts in college I earned my BFA in painting. During these studies photography was an enormous source of inspiration for my work.

With the birth of my first daughter, my love of photography intensified, I felt a powerful need to capture the fleeting moments happening before my eyes. This led me to unstaged, candid portraiture, which I feel captures the essences of personality. 


What is your work style?

I love to work as an observer, finding moments of natural connection and interaction. I also love classic, timeless portraits (perhaps it was my love of my grandparent's photos from the 30's and 40's that created this).

Do you have a studio?

I am an on location photographer. I love working in your home (the added context of your space I think is wonderful). I also will work with you at any public space and paying fee for a particular location is always an option as well. I do create a "studio" on location if you would like those images incorporated into your session as well.

Do you shoot film?

I have a 35mm film camera that I love to use for an additional fee to your session. Let me know if you would like to incorporate film in your session.

Do you travel?

Yes! I will travel though I do charge an additional charge. I love exploring new locations.